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Forex Fundamental Analysis and News attempts to gauge the overall state of the economy, by evaluating factors such as interest rates, production, earnings, and investor confidence. Forex Fundamental Analysis and News attempts to determine the real value of a currency based on the condition of the factors underlying the respective economy.

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Morning Briefing: Friday 21, November 2014

Yen gains as Finance Minister highlights its rapid rise

The yen took a breather on Friday and recovered some of its sharp losses after Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso said its decline may have been too rapid in recent weeks.

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Economic Calendar: Friday 21 November 2014

Last updated at 2:32pm

  • United Kingdom

    Public Sector (PSNCR) M/M

    Medium Impact
    Previous: 17.7BlnForecast: -Actual: -2.6Bln

    The PSNCR is the amount of money the UK’s government must borrow to finance its spending. Governments often tend to spend more than their income from tax revenue and therefore borrow to make up the difference. PSNCR is the total amount of borrowing required to make up this difference between spending and revenue.

  • United Kingdom

    Public Sector Net Borrowing (PSNB)

    Medium Impact
    Previous: 11.1BlnForecast: 7BlnActual: 7.1Bln

    This is a measure of expenditures less the total receipts taken in by the UK government. Public sector net borrowing calculates fiscal surpluses and deficits along with the amount in new debt created. If the reading is positive, the UK is running a fiscal deficit, while a fiscal surplus is represented by a negative reading.

  • Canada

    CPI BoC Core m/m

    Medium Impact
    Previous: 0.2%Forecast: 0.2%Actual: 0.3%
  • Canada

    CPI BoC Core y/y

    Medium Impact
    Previous: 2.1%Forecast: 2.1%Actual: 2.3%
  • Canada

    CPI Y/Y

    Medium Impact
    Previous: 2%Forecast: 2%Actual: 2.4%
  • Canada

    CPI M/M

    Medium Impact
    Previous: 0.1%Forecast: -0.2%Actual: 0.1%
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Weekly Forecast: 14 May 2014

Yen slips as investors take on risk

Emman Xuereb

Global equity markets rallied at the start of the week dampening demand for safe-haven assets. The yen slipped for the third consecutive day on Tuesday versus the dollar on signs that tensions between Russia and Ukraine were abating.

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