It was an ultra quiet European session today with no major impulses for the EUR.


The Greenback gets hammered across the board today after final US GDP was dramatically below expectations and previous data was revised downward. EUR/USD jumped more than 30 pips after the data and tested the 1.3650 level.


Sterling recovers some of Tuesday's losses against the Greenback today, but loses against the EUR.


With equities in Europe retreating once again we see small gains in the Swissie today although the ranges are very small.


The yen gains against the USD today supported by weaker European equities and a disappointing US GDP report


The loonie is flat against most of the majors but gains against the USD.


The Aussie recovers a good part of yesterdays losses, in-line with our daily forecast from this morning.


The NZD is stronger today against most of the majors, especially against the USD.


We saw an initial spike higher in Gold after the big US GDP miss but prices came back down again to pre data levels.