14:30CACPI BoC Core m/mMedium Impact
Period: 11Forecast: -Previous: 0.3%Actual: -

CPI BoC Core m/m: Historical Data:

14:30CARetail Sales M/MLow Impact
Period: 10Forecast: -Previous: 0.8%Actual: -

About this Event:

Retail sales figure is an aggregated measure of the sales of retail goods over the measured time period. This is usually compiled using data sampling from different sectors to represent an entire country or region. In the US, this report is called Advance retail sales.

Retail Sales M/M: Historical Data:

14:30CACPI BoC Core y/yMedium Impact
Period: 11Forecast: -Previous: 2.3%Actual: -

CPI BoC Core y/y: Historical Data:

14:30CACPI Y/YMedium Impact
Period: 11Forecast: -Previous: 2.4%Actual: -

CPI Y/Y: Historical Data:

14:30CACPI M/MMedium Impact
Period: 11Forecast: -Previous: 0.1%Actual: -

CPI M/M: Historical Data: