10:30GBRetail Sales M/MMedium Impact
Period: 3Forecast: -0.4%Previous: 1.7%Actual: -

About this Event:

Retail sales figure is an aggregated measure of the sales of retail goods over the measured time period. This is usually compiled using data sampling from different sectors to represent an entire country or region. In the US, this report is called Advance retail sales.

Retail Sales M/M: Historical Data:

10:30GBRetail Sales ex Auto M/MMedium Impact
Period: 3Forecast: -0.5%Previous: 1.8%Actual: -

About this Event:

The retail sales ex autos data is the component of retail sales which excludes the sales of automobiles.

Retail Sales ex Auto M/M: Historical Data:

15:45USPMI Flash CompositeMedium Impact
Period: 4Forecast: -Previous: 55.7Actual: -

PMI Flash Composite: Historical Data:

15:45USPMI Flash ServicesMedium Impact
Period: 4Forecast: 56.3Previous: 55.3Actual: -

About this Event:

The Flash data is an initial estimate of the Services Index of Purchasing Managers (PMI), which represents a survey among the Purchasing Managers of a country. The aim of the flash data is to provide an accurate advance indication of the final PMI figures. Flash PMIs are among the first economic data points of the measured month and therefore can give good evidence of changing economic conditions ahead of comparable government statistics.

PMI Flash Services: Historical Data:

15:55USMichigan Consumer SentimentHigh Impact
Period: 4Forecast: 83Previous: 82.6Actual: -

About this Event:

This index is a consumer sentiment indicator published by the University of Michigan monthly. The survey is done by conducting at least 500 telephone interviews across the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii are excluded). Five basic questions are asked.

Michigan Consumer Sentiment: Historical Data: