Sentiment in Asia looked mostly biased towards the negative as much of the major equity inidces in Asia slipped into negative territory. The Japanese Nikkei however was one exception with the index making into the positive. US equities also closed into negative territory on Thursday evening as well.

President Trump’s cancellation of a meeting scehduled to happen between himself and Kim Jong Un later in June did not help sentiment.

In the mean time on the currency markets the USD has seemingly shrugged off what markets have interpreted as more dovish than expected, and after yesterday’s decline is back in green territory. The US Dollar index measuring the strength of the US dollar against a basket of other currencies is just off recent 5-month highs of 94.19, currently at 93.90 region.

EURUSD has so far been southbound this morning, the currency pair is currently trading at 1.1709.Throughout yesterday’s session moves higher found resistance at 1.1750 while by and large the 1.17 level roughly supported the downside.

Gold rose from $1293 to $1306 on Thursday, with the yellow metal taking on its safe haven feature as the North Korean Summit got cancelled and the USD wekaned yesterday.