USD continues to stand tall as it enters its fourth consecutive day in gains. The US Dollar index, an index measuring the strength of the USD against a basket of currencies rose to 94.79 earlier this morning after starting this week at 93.97.

USDJPY marked fresh highs as the currency pair rose to 6 month highs. USDJPY is currently at 112.22.

On the economic data front for today we have BoE credit conditions, and later from the US we have latest inflation figures for June.

On Wednesday the Bank OF Canada, as expected, riased interest rates and signaled more rate rises are to come. The Canadian central bank also acknowledged the trade issues with the US but also added that the impact of these on growth and inflation looked modest so far.

Broader sentiment in Asia seemed positive this morning as the major equity indices managed to shake off concerns, from this week’s US announcement on additional chinese products that could be facing tariffs, and headed into postive territory.