Forex Technical Analysis

Technical analysis maintains that all information is already reflected in the price and that price movements lead to recognizable price chart patterns. It therefore tries to determine a trend on the grounds that sentiment changes may, at least in part, forecast trend changes.


EUR/USD Technical Scenario: Monday 24 September 2018

Last updated 1 day ago at 11:00pm

There are initial signs of a good corrective recovery towards 1.1776 or even 1.1790. Supports at 1.1741 and 1.1721 zone.

  • Key Point1.1731
  • Entry Point1.1767
  • Elliott1.1803
  • Closing1.1749
  • Projection1.1708
  • Trendline 11.1726
  • Trendline 21.1797
Elliott Wave

flat correction down

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